Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Flag

I suppose I should have known that my life would get the best of me, but I really wanted to give blogging one more shot before calling it over forever.

It started out OK in October, but then this happened and life spiraled out of control with the addition of the holidays and some serious stressors at work. You could say, "Well, things will get better!" And yes, they sometimes will, but the simple fact is that I am the mother of four kids, ages 3-13 and am key to running two companies and I have the responsibility of the overall management the household.

This post here really struck a chord with me. This would be a busy season for any woman; let's face it - most days have too much to do crammed into not enough time.

While I really do feel like an epic failure to not be able to fit in all the things I would love to have time for, the simple truth is that for me, right now, I am needed to be so, so much to so, so many and there just is not much left (if any) most of the time. There are times when I could work blogging happily into my life, but I am just not happy with a once a month posting schedule and that is what I would be able to pull together more often than not.

I am so glad that I tried to make a come back, if only to be absolutely sure I am making the right decision. And by the way, I am making this decsion from a really good place. I am finally ready for the holidays, am looking to be able to take some time off and I have finished my most pressing projects at work (and kicked butt at it, thank you very much) - I feel like a thousand tons of brick have been lifted from me - I can breathe again. And I rather enjoy breathing.

I wish I could find a way to let each of you really know how much it has meant to me that you stopped in each day or week or whenever to hear what I had to share. Thank you! And I wish you all the very best that comes with working to grow and learn and better yourself.

Feel free to use this site as a resource. I intend to leave it up until the domain is up for renewal, so you should have access until May sometime. If I find myself dying to say something, maybe I will offer up a guest post from time to time to some of my favorite bloggers (to give them a much needed break!).

If I may impart one last thought to ponder:

It is OK to let something go. You can only have so many priorities, and if one has to slip, then sometimes it just is what it is. No one can do it all, so don't be afraid to do a reality check once in a while.

When you notice one who seems to do it all, then rest assured she is struggling to keep some other area of her life together - whether you see it or not. Wish her all the best as she works it all out for herself. And offer up a drink and an ear until she is able to figure it out.

All my best,


Rita said...

I may not know enough about you to speak about this. If you are a single mom you are trying to do to much. Your children need you. I would drop one of my businesses and do just one. I'd go back to depression days cooking adding lots a veggies and a bit of meat to the meals. I'd buy a home in a small town where homes are so cheap. Say Urbana Indiana. Lead a quiter life.
Life can be to hard and yours is. Your brain is your resource. Anyway I hope you can gain something from this comment. I'm a bit older and I see young mom's doing way more than they should be and some don't make it through. If you have any questions I'd like to help you.

Christina said...

Never, EVER believe you are a failure... you are a GREAT SUCCESS because you have realized what is most important to you and are willing to do whatever it takes to make those things (and people!) your top priority!

I will really, really miss "Leaving Excess." I hope you'll continue to write in some capacity because I love reading your ideas.

Best wishes to you and your family!

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

I've really enjoyed your blog, Michelle (I'm a fairly new reader) and as much as I understand and support your reasons to let it go, I will miss you. Thanks, and all best to you and your family.

Gayle said...

Oh bummer. Your posts here and the guest posts you've been doing have been totally amazing! I understand what you're doing though and sometimes I get overwhelmed with it all and think "Somethings got to give." I admire your ability to see clearly at what needs to go and to prioritize your family and "real" life over blog life. Good luck. I'm going to keep you in my reader so I can be happily surprised when if you pop back in every once in a while.

Ter said...

It's too bad! I just found you last week!

Jenna said...

I just wanted to let you know that I will miss my daily reading of your blog terribly, although I completely understand why you need to give it up. I hope you take that as the compliment that it is. :)
Best of luck to you!

lora said...

What?? No!! OK, sorry, just needed to get that out.....

I totally understand where you're coming from and have had to trim back my blogging responsibilities considerably and even give up one blog completely. You're definitely making the right decision...your family comes first!

But I'm so going to miss your posts! I was a loyal follower before your first blogging hiatus and I just discovered you'd made a comeback about a week ago. I spent several hours reading all of your new posts! I love your blog and will definitely miss reading it, but you're doing the right thing.

Emily said...

I understand but I just found your blog and decided to start one because of yours! I too am a mom of 4. I hope you will post how you are doing and not feel stressed to keep your blog running daily! I think monthly would be fine, but that is probably me being selfish....wanting to read your awesome posts! Hope all goes well for you!

Frugal in Florida said...

Michelle, sometimes you have to make these kinds of decision, prioritizing life? :)

I hope all goes well for you and maybe sometime in the near future you can find yourself some free time on a consistent basis to blog with 100% of your heart and soul. But in reality, LIFE does come first ... wishing you a very blessed Christmas and may you get the rest you so deserve!

Veronica said...

Wow and I just found you too! I am working to save money and clear my house of all clutter and your story really sounded a lot like mine. I will enjoy reading your blog from the beginning and hopefully I will finish by May. Thanks for giving me some hope along the way. Decluttering can get you down sometimes.

Coates Family said...

I am so sad to see you go but I wanted to tell you what an impact you have had on my family. I don't think they will ever eat ground beef again with out veggies precooked into it. I will miss you terribly but family first. Thank you again for everything.

katharine said...

I have enjoyed your blog. Thank you for some great posts. I love the theme 'leaving excess' and am trying to refocus to make goals for the new year.

Dr. Mom said...

I totally understand the struggle of balancing it all. I will miss your posting! Please keep visiting and leaving messages on my page! Let me know how things are going. Email if you get a chance! Frugaldrmom at yahoo dot com.

I hope you have great holidays!

Kristen said...


I will be sad to see you go (I love love love your blog) but I think the title of your blog says it all. You are leaving excess. Go take care of your family and enjoy your life. We will still be here if writing finds its way back into your life!

amanda said...

So so sad to hear that you are giving it up, but having done so myself, (before you even started) I totally understand. Any chance some of us dedicated readers could get added to your Christmas card list or something?? Merry Christmas to you and your family!